Until now, resources for family members of those with substance use problems were very limited. Most were told to “stop enabling” and “go to meetings.” They were often labeled co-dependent but not given information on how to effectively help their loved one. They felt alone, betrayed, and abandoned.

CONNECTIONS can change all that. Connections is more than just a support group. It is a place to get practical ideas and suggestions to help you and your family transition from a life of chaos, to a life of peace and calm. Connections help families:

  • Heal from the trauma of addiction
  • Get your Loved One into treatment, if needed
  • Adjust to a clean and sober Loved One
  • Learn tips and techniques to create the kind of family life you want

We know from the research that the divorce rate among recovering couples is even higher than the national rate. We also know that the family is a recovering person’s best chance at living a recovery lifestyle.

CONNECTIONS is unique, combining education with the healing that comes from support of others who have experienced similar situations. Connections members work through a Family Recovery Action Plan workbook which helps plan specific actions to take to help each family member to build a new, healthier life of purpose and vitality.

Call us today for the day and time of the next CONNECTIONS group. Your family will be glad you did.