Family members of an addicted Loved One have been neglected. These family members, whether family by blood or by choice, have often experienced trauma from “second-hand” addiction. They have experienced betrayal by lies, by theft, and worse. They have experienced fear—fear for their lives, fear for others’ lives, fear for the life of their Loved One. Yet, the focus has been on the Loved One, helping the Loved One get help. Little has been done to help family members heal. Until now.

Harbor House, Inc. has developed a program focused on family members while also recognizing that this help also supports the continuing care for the Loved One to prevent relapse. This program is a manual-driven, step by step system to help families heal, to help build even stronger bonds. The program proceeds through stages: Phase 1 includes the four groups of “classes” with other families while the Loved One is in treatment. Education on addiction, what happens to the brain when the use of alcohol or other drugs becomes addictive; specific skills you can master to help you on your recovery journey; and sources available to you for support.

After treatment in Phase 2, the family and the Loved One work with the Family Recovery Coach to build a Family Recovery Action Plan (FRAP), specific tools they can use to strengthen the bonds of connection. A FRAP has specific steps the Family Recovery Team can take, interventions, skills, exercises for continuous improvement and relapse prevention.

The cost of the program depends on the length of involvement. Most researchers found that the longer a Loved One is involved in treatment, the lower the risk of relapse. The same is true for family members. In our pilot project, we found that families who went through the entire process, 6-9 months of coaching, the relapse rate was less than 30% as compared to over 60% nationally. There are many payment options including insurance, payment plans, and deeply discounted rates by utilizing our interns.

Call today to speak to a Family Recovery Coach about this, or any of our other programs. The family is an addict’s best chance for recovery. You may be the one that saves your Loved One from the clutches of addiction. Call (479)785-4083 or toll free at 1- 855-631-4648