Family Recovery Systems

A system is a collection of components that work toward a common goal, in this case, recovery. The Family Recovery System is a continuum of services which can help a family not only recover from the trauma of addiction, but be an even stronger, healthier family.

The family is the addict’s best chance for recovery

Divorce rate in recovery without additional help is 4X the national average

Family & friends have often been traumatized by addiction

Family is a constant connection for help


Our intervention model, a kinder more respectful process, is aimed at helping the family motivate their loved one to accept treatment. The intervention is provided by a Family Recovery Coach highly trained in understanding family systems. The primary goal is to help the family recover from the trauma of second-hand addiction. As a by-product, the family is most often able to help motivate the addict to accept treatment.

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Family Recovery Coach

The first year of recovery is the hardest. More marriages fail during this period than any other. A Family Recovery Coach contracts to assist the family continue its journey towards creating a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle, adjusting to new attitudes, beliefs, and activities. The coach is available to help the family identify the gaps between where they are and where they would like to be, helping them stay on track.

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Mutual Healing

Whether one or both partners are chemically dependent, they both suffer from the effects of addiction. Mutual Healing can help the couple heal and move forward into a new life together, or make an informed decision to part. Mutual Healing is a couples therapy program to help the couples relationship become closer, stronger.

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Connections Support Group

Connections is a secular alternative for, or a supplement to, AlAnon. It is facilitated by trained recovery coaches who have lived through the experience of a loved one’s addiction. They provide support, information, and hope.

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